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All I have to say is WOW! We had the honour and pleasure to spend an amazing day with an amazing couple! I had such fun with the whole crew and these guys were up for absolutely anything I suggested including a Wendy’s stop for food and sitting on a rather gross chair in an alley. Congratulations Danette and Sabu! Hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in the sun.

Big hugs!


DS Wedding 01

I love purple! Check out these shoes!!

DS Wedding 03

Taken during the Indian Christian Orthodox Ceremony.

DS Wedding 04

At Wendy’s downtown waiting for our food…

DS Wedding 05

This little guy at Wendy’s couldn’t keep his eyes off of Danette. He was there with his older brother and dad and I asked permission to take his photo and here is one of the shots I got. His eyes and lips are so adorable and he’s just soooo cute!!

DS Wedding 06

DS Wedding 07

DS Wedding 08

DS Wedding 09

DS Wedding 10

Check out the airplane in the sky.

DS Wedding 11

DS Wedding 12

DS Wedding 13

DS Wedding 14

DS Wedding 15

DS Wedding 16

DS Wedding 17

DS Wedding 18

DS Wedding 19

DS Wedding 20

DS Wedding 21

DS Wedding 22

DS Wedding 23

DS Wedding 24

DS Wedding 25

DS Wedding 26

DS Wedding 27

DS Wedding 28

DS Wedding 29

DS Wedding 30

DS Wedding 31

DS Wedding 32

DS Wedding 33

DS Wedding 34

The first dance.

DS Wedding 35

Father and daughter dance. I just LOVE Danette’s smile here!

Kristy and Trevor are perfect for each other. I really enjoyed witnessing their written vows and ceremony on Kristy’s parents property out in Sturgeon County. They had an early evening ceremony followed by a short portrait session and reception. We took photos in the field on the property and both Kristy and I tripped but I ended up spraining my ankle. 😦 I also sat with my old junior high social studies teacher, volleyball & basketball coach. It was so fun to catch up with Ms. Kennedy! Kristy and Trevor had the most elegantly decorated tent and I thoroughly enjoyed all the details that went into this big day. Congratulations K & T and I hope you’re having a fabulous honeymoon in Jamaica!! Enjoy my favorites from your wedding.

Hugs, Rachel


One of my favorite images of Kristy’s shoes.


Before the ceremony….


Nervous and happy!! It’s about to happen!


Trevor getting ready…definitely more relaxed than the ladies as he’s playing wii!


The boys on their way to the ceremony.


The ladies before the ceremony…


This is definitely one of my favorites from the day as Kristy is coming down the rocks to meet Trevor for the first time during the processional. Their smiles are huge with the sun in the background casting a warm glow.





























This is the second wedding on my double header wedding date of July 25th. Here are my favorites from details to fun candids on their gorgeous wedding day. I seriously am in love with Jill’s hair piece and really enjoyed giving her images a more vintage look and feel. Thanks for an amazing day despite the scorching sun and heat we experienced! Congratulations to you both and I look forward to seeing you soon when you’re in Edmonton again.

Big hugs,

JV Wedding 019

JV Wedding 020

JV Wedding 082

JV Wedding 090

JV Wedding 094

JV Wedding 169

Taken at the Westin Hotel’s Saskatchewan Room during the ceremony.

JV Wedding 323

JV Wedding 334

JV Wedding 341

JV Wedding 356

JV Wedding 371

JV Wedding 385

Blake, my assistant, bought the bridal party popsicles when the ice cream truck pulled up while I was photographing Jill and Vinesh.

JV Wedding 400

JV Wedding 440

JV Wedding 458

JV Wedding 475

JV Wedding 493

JV Wedding 500

JV Wedding 516

JV Wedding 527

JV Wedding 546

JV Wedding 552

Yay! I love the Sugarbowl!!! Such refreshing drinks and fabulous atmosphere. This is where Jill and Vinesh had their very first date. 🙂

JV Wedding 564

JV Wedding 568

JV Wedding 573

JV Wedding 579

Jill is a die hard Riders fan!!

JV Wedding 589

JV Wedding 591

The incredible candy table! Mmm…caramels.

JV Wedding 617

JV Wedding 721

JV Wedding 809

Come on everyone! Let’s party!!

JV Wedding 823

And that’s exactly what they did!

I have finished editing J and PC’s wedding today and am so excited to share some of my favorites from their big day that took place on July 25th. This was a wedding I personally did not photograph, but I’ve done all the editing. My colleagues Aaron and Lane did the capturing of this amazing day. They got married at Laurier Heights Baptist Church where my husband and I got married 8 years ago on the very same weekend. Their reception was at the Hotel MacDonald in the Empire Ballroom.

Thanks for trusting us Jenny and Pierre-Charles to capture your wedding!

Lots of love, Rachel

JPC Wedding 012

JPC Wedding 015

JPC Wedding 019

JPC Wedding 021

JPC Wedding 026

JPC Wedding 034

JPC Wedding 069

JPC Wedding 072

JPC Wedding 092

JPC Wedding 095

JPC Wedding 101

JPC Wedding 109

JPC Wedding 137

JPC Wedding 140

JPC Wedding 141

JPC Wedding 142

JPC Wedding 144

JPC Wedding 148

JPC Wedding 151

JPC Wedding 155

JPC Wedding 158

JPC Wedding 160

JPC Wedding 165

JPC Wedding 166

JPC Wedding 172

JPC Wedding 178

JPC Wedding 185

JPC Wedding 192

JPC Wedding 202

JPC Wedding 203

JPC Wedding 208

JPC Wedding 209

JPC Wedding 212

JPC Wedding 235

JPC Wedding 257

JPC Wedding 282

Aaron and Blake did a fabulous job capturing Jason and Jessica’s outdoor wedding. Jessica looks fabulous on the hood of the corvette and the shots at sunset turned out so warm and splendid. Thanks Aaron and Blake for getting all the moments of J & J’s wedding.

J + J: Congratulations to you both and I look forward to completing the edits and designing your album.Here are some of my favorites from your wedding day from beginning to end!

JJ Wedding 002

Here are the guys before the ceremony.

watermelon splat

The series of the “watermelon splat” on the highway from the wedding car.

JJ Wedding 007

Jessica’s detail of her dress…

JJ Wedding 008

JJ Wedding 009

JJ Wedding 010

The bridesmaids before the ceremony.

JJ Wedding 011

JJ Wedding 012

JJ Wedding 013

JJ Wedding 014

JJ Wedding 015

JJ Wedding 016

JJ Wedding 017

JJ Wedding 018

JJ Wedding 019

JJ Wedding 020

JJ Wedding 021

JJ Wedding 022

JJ Wedding 023

JJ Wedding 024

JJ Wedding 025

JJ Wedding 026

JJ Wedding 027

JJ Wedding 028

JJ Wedding 029

Waiting for the train to pass…

JJ Wedding 030

JJ Wedding 031

JJ Wedding 032

This was my first Indian Orthodox wedding and  I had a fabulous day! From the prayers in the morning with all of Deepti’s family to the New York Yankee’s themed entrance at the Radisson, it was a fun day! Here are some of my favorite images from the day. Congratulations Deepti and Jake and I wish you all the best in NYC.

DJ Wedding 001

Yes!!!! These ARE the shoes…ok – only those of you who are shoe lovers will recognize these. They are the blue shoes from the Sex and The City movie (Manolo Blahnik’s). 🙂 They are gorgeous!

DJ Wedding 002

Before the ceremony Deepti was blessed in her family home with friends and family present. Her sister and parents are behind her.

DJ Wedding 003

The ceremony was held in the church St. Basil’s Ukrainian Catholic Parish.

DJ Wedding 004

I love this image of Deepti’s younger sister and maid of honour during the ceremony.

DJ Wedding 005

The priest is blessing Deepti during the necklace ceremony.

DJ Wedding 006

Deepti’s gorgeous Sari is placed on her head. It was very heavy and weighs about 5-10 lbs.

DJ Wedding 007

Jake ties the min pendant around Deepti’s neck during the ceremony. The threads used are from Deepti’s sari and she wears the necklaces all day.

DJ Wedding 008

First stop was the second last day of the Fringe Festival in Old Strathcona. We had fun walking through there briefly and taking photos.

DJ Wedding 009

DJ Wedding 010

DJ Wedding 011

DJ Wedding 012

DJ Wedding 013

The awesome bridal party!

DJ Wedding 014

DJ Wedding 015

DJ Wedding 016

DJ Wedding 017

DJ Wedding 018

DJ Wedding 019

DJ Wedding 020

DJ Wedding 021

DJ Wedding 022

DJ Wedding 023

I loved the light at Commerce Place – the sun was setting and bouncing off the red/orange glass of Scotia place.

DJ Wedding 024

DJ Wedding 025

DJ Wedding 026

DJ Wedding 027

DJ Wedding 028

DJ Wedding 029

DJ Wedding 030

DJ Wedding 031

Hilarious family, fun bridal party, loving couple….what more could one need on a wedding day? We certainly had an amazing time with Felice and Jon today and I hope you enjoy the images I chose from the day. We’re off in the morning to shoot the tea ceremony and banquet. It will be a great day!

FJ Wedding 01

Grandma taking a photo of Felice while she was getting ready at the Campus Tower Hotel.

FJ Wedding 02

A kiss overlooking Folk Fest and the downtown skyline. We enjoyed listening to the music while taking family portraits this afternoon on Strathearn Drive.

FJ Wedding 03

FJ Wedding 04

FJ Wedding 05

FJ Wedding 06

FJ Wedding 07

FJ Wedding 08

FJ Wedding 09

FJ Wedding 10

FJ Wedding 11

FJ Wedding 12

Blake, my awesome assistant, took this one and you can see me shooting on the edge in action. 🙂

FJ Wedding 13

FJ Wedding 14

FJ Wedding 15

FJ Wedding 16

FJ Wedding 17

FJ Wedding 18

FJ Wedding 19

We stopped for a quick drink at the Sugarbowl before the wedding ceremony which was at All Saints Cathedral downtown early in the evening.

FJ Wedding 20

Blake took this shot of Jon and Felice as we were driving side by side on our way to the church. So fun!

FJ Wedding 21

Considering two of these guys are engineers and one is a Dr. in cell biology they had a bit of a tough time figuring out the new parking machine. Thanks for paying for my parking btw!

FJ Wedding 22

I just love this image of Felice five minutes before the ceremony is to begin.

FJ Wedding 23

FJ Wedding 24

FJ Wedding 25

We followed J & F immediately following the ceremony on the way to their cars and got this shot of them turning around and smiling at us. It was a beautiful ceremony with glorious music sung by their friend Mel with Jeremy Spurgeon on piano. Splendid!

FJ Wedding 26

The cake. Mmmm….tiramisu cake.

FJ Wedding 27

Their unique wedding rings that separate. Very cool! I love this shot on the tips of the fence posts.

FJ Wedding 28

FJ Wedding 29

FJ Wedding 30

What an amazing day! It was seriously one of the most fun and laid back weddings I’ve ever been to – ever! We had an early start to the day and had a noon ceremony at the Royal Glenora Club followed by multiple locations for portraits and then back to the Club for the reception. Here’s a visual sneak peek at their wedding day not necessarily in chronological order!


Doris putting her gorgeous Swarovski earrings on.


At the ceremony in the Strathcona Room at the RGC.











This is one of my favorites of the day!




Yep! Climbing the wall at MEC…we all had so much fun in there and the MEC employees were really helpful and were very enthusiastic along with us. Thanks Blake for setting this up for us!


I love how you can really see the length of Doris’ dress and how it hangs so elegantly in this shot.


You have to get a shot in the tent of course!!


And one with the bridal party hiding in between the sleeping bags poking their heads out. 🙂


Then off to Second Cup for some iced drinks…


The dashing fellows at the U of A.





Another absolute favorite one of mine!


Off to Da Capo for some gelato….mmmm…I had the bacio (hazelnut and chocolate) and the lemon was a favorite amongst the party. This was a much desired and needed stop after we took a lot of photos on campus.


Eating their gelato inside the air conditioned cafe….Sigh.


Cliff at Redbike was gracious enough to let our couple go for a little bike ride together. This was super sweet!!! Thanks Blake again for making this happen and to Cliff and the guys there as well. You rock! PS. If any of you are ever shopping for bikes, definitely check out Redbike. Awesome guys, service and bikes!












The first dance.



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