This was my first Indian Orthodox wedding and  I had a fabulous day! From the prayers in the morning with all of Deepti’s family to the New York Yankee’s themed entrance at the Radisson, it was a fun day! Here are some of my favorite images from the day. Congratulations Deepti and Jake and I wish you all the best in NYC.

DJ Wedding 001

Yes!!!! These ARE the shoes…ok – only those of you who are shoe lovers will recognize these. They are the blue shoes from the Sex and The City movie (Manolo Blahnik’s). 🙂 They are gorgeous!

DJ Wedding 002

Before the ceremony Deepti was blessed in her family home with friends and family present. Her sister and parents are behind her.

DJ Wedding 003

The ceremony was held in the church St. Basil’s Ukrainian Catholic Parish.

DJ Wedding 004

I love this image of Deepti’s younger sister and maid of honour during the ceremony.

DJ Wedding 005

The priest is blessing Deepti during the necklace ceremony.

DJ Wedding 006

Deepti’s gorgeous Sari is placed on her head. It was very heavy and weighs about 5-10 lbs.

DJ Wedding 007

Jake ties the min pendant around Deepti’s neck during the ceremony. The threads used are from Deepti’s sari and she wears the necklaces all day.

DJ Wedding 008

First stop was the second last day of the Fringe Festival in Old Strathcona. We had fun walking through there briefly and taking photos.

DJ Wedding 009

DJ Wedding 010

DJ Wedding 011

DJ Wedding 012

DJ Wedding 013

The awesome bridal party!

DJ Wedding 014

DJ Wedding 015

DJ Wedding 016

DJ Wedding 017

DJ Wedding 018

DJ Wedding 019

DJ Wedding 020

DJ Wedding 021

DJ Wedding 022

DJ Wedding 023

I loved the light at Commerce Place – the sun was setting and bouncing off the red/orange glass of Scotia place.

DJ Wedding 024

DJ Wedding 025

DJ Wedding 026

DJ Wedding 027

DJ Wedding 028

DJ Wedding 029

DJ Wedding 030

DJ Wedding 031