Hilarious family, fun bridal party, loving couple….what more could one need on a wedding day? We certainly had an amazing time with Felice and Jon today and I hope you enjoy the images I chose from the day. We’re off in the morning to shoot the tea ceremony and banquet. It will be a great day!

FJ Wedding 01

Grandma taking a photo of Felice while she was getting ready at the Campus Tower Hotel.

FJ Wedding 02

A kiss overlooking Folk Fest and the downtown skyline. We enjoyed listening to the music while taking family portraits this afternoon on Strathearn Drive.

FJ Wedding 03

FJ Wedding 04

FJ Wedding 05

FJ Wedding 06

FJ Wedding 07

FJ Wedding 08

FJ Wedding 09

FJ Wedding 10

FJ Wedding 11

FJ Wedding 12

Blake, my awesome assistant, took this one and you can see me shooting on the edge in action. 🙂

FJ Wedding 13

FJ Wedding 14

FJ Wedding 15

FJ Wedding 16

FJ Wedding 17

FJ Wedding 18

FJ Wedding 19

We stopped for a quick drink at the Sugarbowl before the wedding ceremony which was at All Saints Cathedral downtown early in the evening.

FJ Wedding 20

Blake took this shot of Jon and Felice as we were driving side by side on our way to the church. So fun!

FJ Wedding 21

Considering two of these guys are engineers and one is a Dr. in cell biology they had a bit of a tough time figuring out the new parking machine. Thanks for paying for my parking btw!

FJ Wedding 22

I just love this image of Felice five minutes before the ceremony is to begin.

FJ Wedding 23

FJ Wedding 24

FJ Wedding 25

We followed J & F immediately following the ceremony on the way to their cars and got this shot of them turning around and smiling at us. It was a beautiful ceremony with glorious music sung by their friend Mel with Jeremy Spurgeon on piano. Splendid!

FJ Wedding 26

The cake. Mmmm….tiramisu cake.

FJ Wedding 27

Their unique wedding rings that separate. Very cool! I love this shot on the tips of the fence posts.

FJ Wedding 28

FJ Wedding 29

FJ Wedding 30